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Local and citizen participation

Energy is at the heart of citizens’ and local authorities’ concern as a result of the climate change and of the ecological transition. The return of these players to the energy sector requires specialised legal support.

Their involvement may take the form of crowdfunding – through financing or investment in equity – of power generation or hydrogen production facilities. This scheme is open to local authorities and natural persons, subject to geographical conditions. The governance stakes are major in this situation; in particular, the elected representatives and the local decision-makers shall take care not to breach the mandatory provisions applicable to them.

Individual and collective self-generation projects are developing. The legal framework applicable to them evolves frequently, occasionally under the influence of European law. The power networks tariffs are a crucial matter for these projects.

Finally, the framework applicable to the European renewable energy communities and citizen energy communities have been implemented into French law. Under these schemes, the natural persons and the local authorities are once again given the opportunity to participate – here along with local businesses – together and under specific conditions, to various projects in the energy sector (e.g. power generation, electro-mobility, self-generation of power, or demand response mechanisms).

Legal support from a lawyer specialised in the energy sector helps to anticipate and resolve the problems that arise during the implementation of such projects.