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Maître Marc Devedeix advises industrial clients on the drafting, adaptation to French law and negotiation of their contracts, in French or in English.

Entering into industrial contracts is required to ensure the manufacture, the installation or the construction, and the maintenance of infrastructure in the energy sector (whether production, consumption, or storage facilities, or network infrastructure). The subject of these contracts may vary from classic construction contracts, turnkey contracts, supply of industrial equipment or provision of services.

FIDIC contracts, in particular, have become established in France for medium and large-scale projects. The mastery of the rainbow suite of FIDIC contracts has thus become essential for the project owner and its contractors or suppliers, in the context of offshore or onshore wind farm projects, solar farms or even storage facilities or electric vehicle charging infrastructures.

Marc Devedeix assists clients according to their needs and to their legal and contractual experience. The firm can thus provide adapted advice by answering targeted questions or by preparing answers to the comments of his clients’ contractors. The firm may also provide for more advanced support, such as the preparation of the contract or participation in the negotiation.


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