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Sustainable mobility

Although electro-mobility is developing at a high rate, its legal framework is subject to frequent changes and certain uncertainties still need to be resolved. The identification of the different players in electric mobility remains essential so that each participant in a project knows the standards applicable and the relevant risks: developer, electric vehicle charging infrastructure operator, mobility operator, interoperability platform operator.

There are nevertheless various opportunities for all the players in the chain, whether the infrastructure is open to the public or restricted to a circle of users. The development of distributed load shedding, storage aggregation and self-generation increases the overlap between the mobility and electricity sectors. Digital technology has also become essential in this sector.

Furthermore, the use of biogas and hydrogen is increasing in the mobility sector. The infrastructures are distinct but the link with the energy sector remains strong: the regulation of gas networks and infrastructures is old while the regulatory framework for hydrogen is emerging. The legal support for project developers and operators is therefore more than necessary.