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The firm advises clients on the drafting and negotiation of their energy sale and purchase agreements.

Maître Marc Devedeix has advised energy suppliers and consumers in respect of classic energy supply contracts. This type of contracts between final consumers and beneficiaries of an authorisation to resale power to the same, trigger usual issues of price structuration and access to historical nuclear power.

Corporate power purchase agreements (CPPA) – and more recently – and gas purchase agreements (GPA) have been developing for the past few years in France.

These contracts directly link energy producer and consumers to sell power at a local, national or cross-border scale. They raise their own topics, mainly the asset financing – often new and thus requiring a long-term pay back – as well as the aggregation of the energy supplied by the producer and the remaining energy necessary to cover the consumers’ needs.

The firm advises both sellers and offtakers, whether private or public entities. All clients benefit from this diversity which allows the firm to provide the best advises as regards power purchase contracts.


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