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The firm advises various clients on supply topics: suppliers with a resale or a sale authorisation, producers, aggregators, balance responsible parties and industrial stakeholders.

Energy supply involves numerous stakeholders. Alongside suppliers which role was and remains pivotal, the producers are more and more involved with the development of over-the-counter contracts under the form of utility PPAs and corporate PPAs, which integration is performed by holders of authorisations to supply energy to final consumers.

Energy market

The consumers themselves are taking on a more active role, for two reasons: their accrued awareness to decarbonisation, and more recently the high energy prices. This involvement takes the shape of a better monitoring of their energy supply from standard suppliers, or even directly from producers as the case may be. This also leads to the development of on-site generation.

At last, the aggregators, balance responsible parties and resellers on the gross market face various issues, distinct from those met by producers and final offtakers. A fine understanding of the energy market and its mechanisms – whether regulated or not – are necessary to advise these stakeholders which role is key although more confidential.