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The determination and invoicing of fees (“honoraires”) are strictly regulated by Article 11 of the national rules of the avocat profession (the “Règlement intérieur national de la profession d’avocat”). The main principles to determine the fees are the prior information of the clients, their consent on the fee determination, and the transparency throughout the performance of the mission. A fee agreement shall be signed by the client and the avocat before beginning the mission, except in cases of urgency or force majeure.

Maître Marc Devedeix is particularly keen to establish a trusted and transparent relationship with all his clients. In this respect, the fees are set up in advance, the clients are regularly informed on the amount of fees if an hourly rate has been agreed or, in the event of an agreed budget, in any case it will not be increased.

The firm’s methods of remuneration are either flat rate or hourly rate. The choice between these is made by mutual agreement between the firm and the client, depending on the scope of the assignment and its foreseeability.


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