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Onshore energies

The framework applicable to the onshore energy sector is experiencing, to an extent, a stabilisation and a legal certainty. The award of contracts for difference through “closed counters” (“guichets fermés”) organised by the Energy Regulatory Commission is a proven economic model for wind, photovoltaic and hydro power, even though a limited “open counter” (“guichets ouvert”) framework remains, as does the feed-in tariff for small capacities. The environmental authorisation, the decrease of the level of courts in case of wind litigation, and the introduction of other litigation mechanisms reduce the length of the administrative and litigation processes.

However, project developers and operators are dealing with many innovative subjects that require support from an expert lawyer. This is the case for hybrid projects with storage, which raises questions related to support mechanisms, system services participation and indirect connection. This last subject captures also hydrogen production projects and electric vehicle charging infrastructures connected to generation facilities. As regards the economic model, the corporate PPAs have become more numerous, while the management of negative prices will become increasingly important. Lastly, self-generation – particularly collective –, crowdfunding and local loops are related subjects that require a prior legal advice.

Maître Marc Devedeix will provide the expertise that you need to face these questions.